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Foundations of Health through Food and Spirit (Part 1)


Why do we need them?

They provide stability, such as building a house. It prevents the house from moving or collapsing due to the rain and washing it away.

What about the foundations of health? Do they matter? And if so, in what ways?

How about our foundations in Christ, these also help us be “steadfast and immoveable” when life’s storms and challenges come.

What if I shared with you the importance of foundations helping us connect to our source of strength and the ability to maintain endurance?

In the Eternal Warriors program we learn about living on purpose each day by intentionally connecting to God. As a result of doing this every day the small acts build over time and give us the strength to endure all things and endure to the end.

In Eternal Warriors we encourage the use of “Power Goals” (PWR goals), which include:

Reading from the scriptures or words of prophets every day,

Writing in your journal,

Praying to God morning and night and really praying “anytime and anywhere.”

I’m sure these are familiar to you as you are already doing these every day and therefore finding it rewarding.

Connecting through prayer, scriptures, and journaling is building our foundation on Christ every day. It gives us guidance, and inspiration, and personal revelation as we navigate through life and seek God’s love and wisdom to help us along the way.

You can read more about these goals in Like Dragons Did They Fight Free Download (

I also know the importance of building a foundation in our health that will support us physically, mentally, and emotionally for this reason, so we can be more spiritually in tune with receiving personal revelation to help our self, our families, and others.

How many of you feel totally overwhelmed regarding where to start with health and wellness and implementing routines? This is normal and is why you have a guide to help navigate these challenges that arise.

So, how do foundations of health help?

Establishing simple routines in your diet and lifestyle will help you:

Increase your energy and confidence,

Be of more service to your family and others, and

Help you to maintain your own strength and endurance.

Because when we feel good, whether it be emotionally, mentally, or physically we fulfill our daily duties better. We show up differently. We can serve one another better. Do we not?

How would you like to learn tools and simple routines to help you experience the joy of wellness and improve your quality of life?

I have combined my learnings and experience as an Eternal Warriors mentor and as a nutritionist to help you bridge the gap to help you overcome your road blocks to improving your health and wellness, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It’s the small things and the small improvements over time that make a great impact.

Setting an intention to improve your health and wellness by working on small routines each day over time will lead to strength, endurance, and long term health. You heard that right! Even if you have some detours on the way. Over time your intentions will pay off and you will experience the joy of wellness emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually as well as be more equipped with strength and energy to fulfill your life’s mission and to help others along the way.

I invite you to focus on your “Foundations of Health through Food and Spirit”.

This is a remarkable 12-week opportunity for you to discover how to improve your personalized approach to your own health and wellness using food, mindfulness, and “Eternal Warriors” principles by instilling line upon line tools to help you build your foundation to “nourish your whole self.”

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