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Mirror exercise and betrayal trauma

Betrayal Trauma is devastating when you find out the one you loved or trusted did something to violate that trust. It can be shattering and it takes time to rebuild trust within yourself and with others.

 And after years of feeling worthless and experiencing intense pain I have been able to step back into my power and heal from betrayal.  What have you done to step out of your trauma and overcome your pain and love yourself again? It takes repetition. It takes learning tools and implementing them into your life. It takes trusted support. 

 There is hope to move from where you are, shattered and broken to feeling empowered, remembering who you are, and taking back your power to make an impact in your life and the lives of others.   

 Here is one simple tool to get you started. It’s looking in the mirror, which there are many around us, in bathrooms, hallways, and in other spaces. Again, look in a mirror, put a smile on your face, and say I am Magnificent!

 Try it, “Smile.”. How does that make you feel?  It feels pretty good doesn’t it. 

 Say your name,  I…(say your name), and say, I am magnificent!  Now pat yourself on the back. And celebrate!

Celebration is an important step to reprogram your system by shifting to the positive which raises your dopamine levels and motivates you to want to do it again. Sound good? And it’s pretty easy right? It really is. 

I invite you to practice this 10 times in a row three times a day for 10 days and notice what you notice. 

Practicing this mirror exercise will help anchor you into who you are.  It will instill the belief of who you are, whose you are, and that you truly are amazing and magnificent! 

You can create your own statements to say to help instill that belief within you to remember who you are and learn to love yourself again.  Your identity has to be nurtured, built, and strengthened. 

You can help how you feel.  It simply takes practice or what is often called rehearsal.  This Literally rewires your brain.  

This is the first step to begin your recovery from betrayal trauma. Simple? It is. Is this something you could do right away? Yes! And as you practice this simple exercise you are learning to default to your best self so when you are triggered you can do just that, default to your best self with this simple exercise. 

 You can take back your power.  You are important. You are of worth.  And, YOU! ARE ENOUGH?  

And now is the time to start your recovery from betrayal.  Using simple steps, processes, and resources.

 If you want to learn more to help you overcome betrayal trauma, reach out and set up a complimentary session.


Now is the time to focus on your recovery to go further faster and experience the joy of wellness in your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Marquelle Brown

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