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One-on-One Coaching

If you aren’t feeling well, there is a reason—it just hasn’t been identified yet. Together we will figure it out!

Foundations of Health with Weekly Group Coaching

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Gain Traction in 3 Main Areas

Understand your thoughts & emotions… especially as you navigate stress, work through trauma and move past triggers.

Trauma can manifest itself in various health issues. Together we create a plan to improve your overall health and quality of life.

By anchoring spiritually, you gain strength to navigate challenges and stay connected to your beliefs and core values.

What Clients Are Saying...

"After spending much time and money in the hospital, I felt so relieved when Marquelle was able to figure out what was wrong. I feel so much better!"
"I wake up refreshed and my mood has been improved. However, what I love most is teaching my family the things I am learning. Marquelle is very knowledgeable and takes time to delve into the concerns and issues and makes sure that they are the focus to fix but also goes above and beyond to make sure that anything contributing to it is also corrected to fix long term.
"My eczema has healed. You have no idea how much of a life changer this is. My stomach is so much better, with the right diet and supplements I’m a new person. I thank you for always talking me through things that came up during this time. I know I have been under great care and will continue to be"
"From our first conversation, I knew that I needed a reset in terms of nutrition. I had tried several "diets" over the past few years in hopes to lose weight and feel better. Unfortunately, I had lost sight of nourishing my body. Instead, I saw food as can have vs. can't have. The restrictive mindset was not conducive to healthy eating.

Following our meetings, I have a better relationship with food in terms of separating feelings and emotions from nourishment. Our meetings were invaluable to the long term success of my health and wellness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me."

A little More Information about things I help with

Questions You May Have

I work with those that have digestive health or other “gut” issues.

I also work with those that have betrayal trauma or other past or current trauma that is affecting their health and everyday life.

I have had many clients who have seen many practitioners and still couldn’t find any resolution or improved health.

I work with clients who are ready, willing, and able to receive and invest in affordable coaching, guidance, and personalized support around their health.

In my experience, the only thing stopping you from taking charge of your health and healing YOURSELF is:  

1. knowing exactly what to do and in what order
2. how to handle the tricky mindset stuff that comes up and tends to stop people in the middle of making progress
3. make sure you keep your action steps as simple as possible so that it’s actually doable and sustainable for you and your life.

My ideal clients are willing to experiment with new ways of eating, trying new foods, explore new ways of thinking, and shifting their mindset about their healing journey, and are also able to purchase additional supplements and lab tests in order to measure, track and accelerate their progress.

Basically, you don’t have to figure out how to do this, I have already figured it out for you.

I’m here to guide you. 

My clients leave my practice knowing what they want, have a plan for getting there, and feel confident and in control of their progress.

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We meet virtually at a time that’s convenient for you. Then, we talk about what is going on–both physically and mentally.

I will assess what will be best for you, and together we will come up with a plan moving forward.

In each session together, we will see what’s working, what you may be struggling with still, check your progress, and keep you moving forward.

One on one coaching is very specific to you, your needs, and your situation. You will get weekly accountability and support, as well as someone “on your side” working to help you feel better in all areas–mentally, physically, and emotionally.

As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist we get to the root cause of WHY you don’t feel well.

So many times patients come to me and they aren’t sick, but they don’t feel well either. If you aren’t feeling well, there is a reason—it just hasn’t been identified yet.

Functional Medicine digs deeper to find it.

I won’t fool you. The path that leads to optimal wellness requires work on your part and lots of lifestyle change, but with your hard work and my guidance we can help you experience optimal health and wellness.

Neuroencoding is the process of quickly changing how you think to default to your best behaviors and feelings automatically.  You learn how to program yourself to be amazing.  

Neuroencoding is freeing yourself from negative patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving and begins with rebooting your brain.

You learn how to program your brain to get what you want without traditional ‘grit mentality.’

It’s a simple step-by-step process to assassinate the negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you stuck. 

You can use these Neuroscience-based tools anywhere, at anytime, to change your state from negative to positive. 

Free yourself of unresourceful patterns with neuroscience-backed behavior coaching.

For more detailed information about neuroencoding, check out this article that explains it in more detail. 

Here’s how I approach resolving painful digestion such as SIBO, irritable bowel syndrome and other similarly confusing gut health challenges:

First:  Address diet and lifestyle:  You are going to have to upgrade what you eat and how you choose to eat.  What you eat will depend on what’s going on in your gut and whether or not you have SIBO or another irritable bowel condition.  This is why it’s confusing to many and where guidance and a plan will help.

Second:  Specific supplements are used as accelerate your healing and progress. What supplements and how much depends on the individual.  This is where personalized nutrition guidance comes in as tailor my recommends to your unique situation.  Everyone is different which is why using bio-individualized nutrition is essential. 

Wait a minute. Let me pause and emphasize healing and repair will take time. With the right steps, a plan, and encouragement along the way we can help make progress quickly, and yet, more often than not, serious results take place over time. The good news, I can offer guidance on being patient with yourself, as I’ve gone through this with my own daughter.

Third:  After we have tried these first and second lines of treatments you are going to take some tests.  This is the only way to concretely track your progress.  What tests?  It depends on you and your individuality.  I will determine which tests will be right for you and then you will decide which ones you would like to proceed with. 

Fourth:  When addressing SIBO and other mysterious gut health issues, you must explore new ways of thinking to face the challenges ahead. Mindset is a must when working on challenging health issues.  Mindset is a game changer.  You must have the mindset that you are not going to stop when it gets hard or inconvenient.  I will show you how to recognize and accept the stages of healing that you will inevitably pass through. Confusion or overwhelm is normal but is often where people stop.  With mindset coaching, you will keep going.

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Betrayal, broken or violated trust.

“Betrayal trauma occurs when women discover that their spouse is or has been engaging in sexual addiction(s) and/or sexual misbehaviors. It includes triggers and emotional recall of traumatic experiences, usually involving discovering their spouse’s infidelity – virtual or otherwise. Betrayal trauma occurs not because of the sexual acting out itself, it occurs with the lies and manipulation that have been happening in a relationship that was built on trust and safety.” (healingwithworth.org)

Betrayal trauma includes the pain and emotional distress that happens when a loved one, or intimate partner, violates your trust in any way. Betrayal trauma may occur alongside things like gaslighting and can lead to anxiety and depression, loss of trust, and negative health issues, specifically gut health issues.

Also known as “small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.” SIBO is when the bacteria from the large intestine moves up into the small intestine.

SIBO is often confused with other painful digestive issues.

Symptoms: If you are like many of my clients, you are probably experiencing one or more of the following:

  • gas, bloating, distention, diarrhea (linked to hydrogen overgrowth in the gut)
  • constipation (linked with methane overgrowth in the gut)
  • GERD
  • nausea, cramping and pain
  • malabsorption and malnutrition(vitamin deficiencies and iron)
  • unexplained weight loss

Are there other symptoms? Yes, and many of these can be confusing. Things like:

  • Flu like symptoms, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, muscle pain, impaired cognition, anemia, rosacea, brain fog, and more.

When your digestion isn’t working right, let’s face it: it feels like NOTHING is working. So, how did you get here?

I wish I could say there is just ONE thing that is THE major contributing factor to SIBO, but for most people it can be a variety of things that created the “perfect storm.”

Take a look at these situations and see if you’ve experienced any of these:

  • previous infection that was never fully resolved like h-pylori
  • a history of food poisoning
  • too much antibiotic use
  • unchecked parasites from travel, animals or just being around kids!
  • a poor diet catching up with you
  • use of medicines that suppress the digestion process such as proton pump inhibitors
  • stress, trauma, that decreases your immune functioning
  • hypothyroidism, stomach flu, and other diseases

I bet you’ve wondered “why can’t I just fix this thing?”

Listen, it’s not your fault! Somewhere along the way, your digestion and gut microbiome took a hit.

Unfortunately, even if you went to all the right doctors, most were not trained to teach you about probiotic use after using antibiotics, or even how to restore immune functioning after an illness.

And for sure, I bet none of the experts you reached out to for help taught you how to heal and improve your health with the foods you eat.

Simply put: There are missing pieces to your healing education that you didn’t receive.

The good news, THAT can be fixed. THIS is what I help you with!

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